(N) Con Brio's is a small cattery located in Moss, Norway, registered in NRR/FIFe in 1995.

The cats are family members and have (almost) free access in the house - no cages! The breeding program is small scaled, indeed, but with a strong passion for silver. All cats are testet DNA PKD1 negative, or are out of DNA negative tested parents.

In 2017 my granddaughter joined the cattery as a co owner. Some "old" breeders in NRR/Norway will remember Thilla from shows when she was a little girl. She has a very sweet Sacred Birman girl, so from 2019 there will occasionally be Sacred Birman (N) Con Brio´s kittens.

Margareth Hanch-Hansen

Moss, Norway


- a small cattery located in Norway -
- and now also Sacred Birman -
(N) Con Brio´s Persian & Exotic
Photo from my hometown Moss
(N) Con Brio´s Silver Hamlet
My house in Moss at wintertime
First (N) Con Brio´s Sacred Birman litter born April 24, 2019
Me at a show at Verak in 2009 showing FIN*Siriuksen Wagga Wagga and S*Ixi Dixi´s Ag-Aton
The Cats

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Updated January 11, 2021
(N) Con Brio´s Hope Fernanda